The Old Way to Become a Travel Writer (And How to Become a Travel Writer Today)

Macfarlane is another writer inspired by nature. He released his first book in 2003 (mountains of the mind) and has since gone on to become one of the most respected british travel writers alive today. His writings on nature and landscapes deal with man’s encounter with his surroundings. His writings convey an interest to improve the connection between mankind and the natural world, and his ‘trilogy’ of books, from his first in 2003 to the wild places (2007) and the old ways: a journey on foot (2012), all grapple with this notion, highlighting how people and landscapes are altered through the ever-increasing industrialisation of the countryside.

You’ve probably seen the come-on ads in web banners or your facebook feed, with a glamorous photo of a person with a laptop in a tropical locale. “launch your dream career as a travel writer today and get paid to travel the world!” all you have to do is sign up for their course to get all the “secrets. ” soon you’ll be able to expect “a complimentary week on an exotic asian island” or a luxury vacation in europe “with airfare and all expenses paid. ” just take this course and you’ll end up “on permanent vacation.

Travel writing was once something reserved for the pages of books, and glossy magazines, though today we live in an age where anyone can create their own platform, and become a travel writer purely based on their own means. Travel writing is certainly a more practical career goal than it used to be, though whether you’re writing for blogs, newspapers, or creating travel guides, the ability to create well written, quality content is still something you need.

Examples of Travel Writing for Great Results

Are you ready to be a better travel writer? one of the best ways to do this is to read great travel writing examples from great travel writers. Writing about travel in a way that keeps your reader reading is not always easy. Knowing how to write an irresistible first paragraph to entice the reader to keep reading is key. Writing a lede paragraph that convinces the reader to finish the article, story or book is great travel writing. This article features travel writing examples from award-winning travel writers, top-selling books, the new york times travel section, and award-winning travel blogs.

Travel writers are usually self-taught. The greatest teachers are other travel writers. If you want to become a travel writer, you need to read all different types of travel writing. Read travel blogs, magazines, journals, books and anything you can get your hands on. Reading blogs like fluentu travel blog , magazines like national geographic traveler or annual anthologies like “the best american travel writing” will provide inspiring and informative examples of different types of travel writing you can learn from.

Create portfolio of your work. No-one will hire you if they can’t see examples of your writing. You can use a travel blog as a portfolio, or use guest posts for other sites. Create a list of writing samples that you can send out to show people that you’re a great travel writer. Advertise that you’re available. I have a travel writing services page on my blog, which is useful because it means that when companies visit my blog, they will see that i’m open to travel writing jobs.

Top Tips from Expert Travel Writers

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Just like with any other type of writing, it is better to focus on one specific type of writing and become an expert in that one thing. For example, website copy for travel websites. It is much easier to find clients when you are able to show them specific examples of related topics that you have already done. The travel writing jobs mentioned above only scrape the surface, there are many different types of jobs available to travel writers if you know where to look. Here are a few more types of travel writing jobs:.

Resources to Start Travel Writing and Make Money

Everyone says blog to earn money. And in this process they start selling domains, website, web hosting, seo and ebooks. Does blogging really makes money? today i will explained you how to make money by writing travel blog. I won’t give free advice on where to buy your domain, website or hosting. And i won’t encourage you to buy expensive seo or ebooks. My simple advice to you all is to write quality contents which is in demand.

While you can certainly start your own travel blog, there are many different travel blogs out there that hire freelance writers. This could be a travel writing job for a specific business related to travel or a blog that makes money from travel related affiliate links. If you do start our own travel blog, you can also connect with travel related businesses and get sponsored post opportunities.

Many people who start a blog dream of becoming a travel writer or making money from travel writing. Let’s face it – we’re all into writing about our travel experiences, and wouldn’t it be great to get paid for that, too?
i’m here to tell you that it’s definitely possible to get freelance travel writing jobs, even as a beginner blogger. While travel writing hasn’t been my main freelancing jam before now, it has been something i have done on a fairly regular basis to supplement my income while working from home or during my travels.

Destination Travel articles

In my particular situation, i did not need to make lot of money as a travel writer. My teacher’s pension, along with savings and my wife’s income covered our basic bills. We had enough money to do some traveling, but not to the extent of what we wanted. What if there was a way to have my travel budget supplemented by writing articles about the destinations i visited? what if some of my expenses could be reduced by having hotels comped, or by paying a reduced media rate? what if i could get free meals in exchange for writing reviews about the restaurants? or complimentary tickets to top attractions at my destinations?.

Though there are some exceptions, travel writers may wish to get started in the field by writing about interesting local destinations, since expense accounts are rare for beginning writers. Most individuals wouldn’t consider their current cities or hometowns as exciting travel destinations, but they might be to others. Aspiring travel writers might do some articles for local publications for free in order to get a foot in the door, or seek out less typical outlets for their work in order to build up a track record of being published.

When you begin the search for travel writing jobs, you’ll notice that there are endless types of gigs. To help categorize them, here are some of the main travel writer job types:
destination articles – the bulk of many a travel blog, destination articles detail everything about a destination – from the logistics of getting there to the best places to stay. Examples include this article on the 33 best things to do in budapest and this one on where to stay in penang, malaysia.

Travel advice and how-to articles

Can’t compete based on price alone. Instead, they run several articles each month of travel advice and local color so travelers grow to like them better than the competition. The pay is excellent, and most editors would rather work with a handful of regular contributors. This makes breaking in tricky, but once you’re on board, you can expect plenty of work.

This common form of travel writing provides advice or how-to tips often as standalone pieces or in destination articles or guidebooks. You must relish research to enjoy this form of writing. Those who enjoy this kind of writing can find paid opportunities with travel magazines, newspapers, and travel-related company blogs. Independent travel blogs hire freelancers too.

This kind of writing provides a step-by-step, first-person report. These articles include planning and scheduling advice as well as suggesting sights and accommodations when visiting a destination or region. The reader should want to replicate your inspiring experience. As people plan their travels, this form of travel writing is a growth area for those who want to write a travel blog and monetize it.



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