Self Publishing Vs Traditional Publishing

When I first started out writing, I was very confused as to what the difference between self publishing and traditional publishing actually was. I had read a lot of articles on the subject, but most of them were contradictory, so I just didn’t know what to believe.

I eventually found that there were three main differences between the two:

1. Traditional Publishing

Traditional publishing is when you have an editor or publisher who will edit your work before it goes to print. This means that if you want to change something in your book, you must do so before it is printed. If you want to make a change to the cover, or to the blurb, then you must do so BEFORE the book is printed. This is because traditionally published books are printed on demand, and so they can only be changed AFTER the book has been printed.

2. Self Publishing

With self publishing, you are the one who decides what changes you want to make to your book, and you are the one who decides when you want to make those changes. You are not bound by the rules of traditional publishing. You can change anything you like about your book at any time.

3. Print On Demand

Print on demand (POD) is when you create a book and you sell it directly to your customers. With POD, you do not need to have an editor or publisher. You simply upload your book to an online store, and the store will print copies of your book for you. Your customers will pay you directly through the online store, and you will receive the money immediately. This is why POD is sometimes called “electronic publishing”.

If you have ever written a book, then you know that writing a book is a long process. There is a lot of research involved, and a lot of writing involved. And this is true whether you choose to publish your book through traditional publishing or self publishing. In fact, even if you decide to self publish your book, you still have to write the book first!

So, the big question is: which method is better? It seems like self publishing a book seems to have more upsides in my humble opinion.

Well, I have decided to write a separate article on this topic, so please check back soon for more information.


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