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Blue Sterling Boatworks, is an independent, family owned and operated business, that builds wooden Kayaks.

Our job is to build beautiful, wooden Kayaks and make a living while doing it.

We are not affiliated with Pygmy Boats Inc, although our two firms share the same passion for kayaks and the water.

We are on Pygmy's approved list of high quality builders.

Pygmy Boats Inc. of Port Townsend, Washington, is the largest and oldest manufacturer of precision pre-cut plywood kayak kits in North America.

Started in 1986 by boat designer and software engineer, John Lockwood, Pygmy Boats produced North America's first computer designed sea kayaks.

More information can be found at:  www.pygmyboats.com.

Headquartered in Bavaria, Kansas and operating from our east-coast base of Savannah, Georgia, we make many "runs" to and from Ft. Gibson Reservoir, Oklahoma.  Kayaks can be seen and test rides can be taken upon reservation in any of these locations or in-between. 

Please contact us at (785) 577 - 4852 to schedule a visit.  We would be glad to exhibit to you our line of finished wooden kayaks. 

Phone:  (785) 577-4852 Fax:  (912) 823-3241 Email:  bluesterlingboatworks@hotmail.com


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